Metallic tags and plates to identify your plants
Anodized red plaque riveted to identify plantsonline ShopFour differents colors Quercus bucleyi. Placa para identificar planta en tamaRecognitionwe can recognise your plants! Syagrus green plaqueShopBuy without the need to registration. Encephalartos lehmanni letrero color azul anodizado tipografia tahoma. Lugar de origen SudBuy it!Anodized plaques

To note down the plants that you have in your garden and/or home

Recognize which plants you have in your garden. If you don't know, don't worry, we do it for you.


Enter in PlaquesPLants and sign up for benefits

If you register in Plaques Plants you will have special discounts, apart from the existing quantity discounts. You can buy also without register.


Receive the plaquesin your house quickly

Once paid, we put ourselves down to work with the plates. In short time you will receive the plaques at home.