Metallic tags and plates to identify your plants

There are the types of plaques that you can buy in the store:

Anodized plaques riveted

This is our basic standard plate anodized aluminum. You can choose from 4...

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Anodized plaques without base

You can buy just the plate without any kind of base ideal place to taste anywhere. In this case aluminum is anodized...

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Anodized plaque with adjustable base

These are the plates with adjustable base (adaptable to different sizes of plate). In this case the aluminum is anodized in color that the customer can choose ...

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Customice your tree tag

Do you want measures different from those we offer? Tell us wich is your idea and we will pass you a budget for the plates in the shortest time possible.

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Otros productos mecanizados

We also do small machining, templates for assembling sets, small molds ...

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